Our Fish

The Florida Pompano

Why the Florida Pompano?

The Florida Pompano, a delicious, mild white fish, has extra lean white meat.  Florida Pompano are firm and mild in flavor. This versatile flavor profile makes the Florida Pompano ideally suited for preparation in any cuisine.

Aquaco uses advanced recirculating aquaculture systems to achieve a consistent, delicious fish.

Our Unique Position

The Florida Pompano is a species that migrates annually, from Florida to the Northeast United States, resulting in a limited annual availability of Pompano.  The 1995 Florida state ban on near-shore commercial fishing nets further restricted the harvests of wild populations. The Pompano migration patterns and frequent travel from deep to shallow water have challenged traditional hook and line methods for years. Aquaco has created a year-round alternative source to commercial Pompano fishing, with no impact on wild populations.