Quality Fish.

As fresh as it gets.

Mission Statement


A global leader in providing a novel species option for the seafood Industry.


To provide a locally harvested, sustainable, and high-quality fish with zero impact on their wild environment.


Aquaco serves the market with a focus on:

  • Sustainability: enabling customers to enjoy Florida Pompano for years to come
  • Leadership: using responsible environmental practices to push the industry forward
  • Traceability: a path for every fish from egg to harvest
  • Freshness: delivering the freshest product in the industry

Committed to excellence

Aquaco, a Florida based corporation, sells Fresh, Florida Pompano from its land-based recirculating aquaculture facility.  From egg to harvest, the species is raised in a clean water system, focusing on quality and taste.  

Aquaco Florida Pompano gives buyers and chefs the confidence to serve and sell the highest quality fish from a credible and traceable source.  Aquaco offers a sustainable and delicious product that eliminates dependence on wild Pompano populations.  This aquaculture practice reduces the impact of commercial fishing in our Florida waterways.  Aquaco is the only provider of year-round Florida Pompano, which gives our consumers the confidence needed to order and receive a consistent product.